Artist Statement
An old superstition says that photography steals the soul, likely because the print portrays so much more than appearance. Photographs reveal emotion and hidden truths. It is that inner world or spirit which interests me the most. I use my lens to uncover what is hidden. 

As a trained ballet dancer, I find motion depicted in an image to be an interesting element that defines and reveals. Longer exposures capture more time and movement from the subject. In turn, sometimes I ‘dance’ just a bit with the camera to express my presence as the photographer. A dialogue develops and a genuine abstract photograph emerges presenting a deeper look into the soul of the scene. When I combine transparent images creating a ‘conceptual film’ on a single frame, the print becomes more than a window to the soul in which you can peek. It becomes an open door into which you can step and continuously explore.
Artist Biography
Born in Colorado, Keri is an elusive native. as an army brat, she also spent many years in Germany and several of the southern United States.  fairy tales seemed real as she explored cobblestone streets of walled cities, castles, cathedrals , roman ruins and magical forests in the countryside of Europe. There she discovered her love for the camera and passion for art. She dreamed of becoming a ballerina or an astronaut but became a wife, a mother and an artist. She raised a wild mustang, rode a motorcycle, crashed said motorcycle and now wheels her Jeep on beautiful trails  and over the rocky mountain tops -growing through it all.  She continues to break down barriers of fear through faith. She values authenticity, imperfect beauty, perseverance, and is influenced by European Mannerists like Michelangelo, Modernists like Picasso, and impressionists like monet.

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